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Switch socket brand do not want to choose wrong, look at these two key points!

Switch socket as industrial machinery, medical equipment, household appliances, kitchen appliances and other modern equipment necessities, seemingly sparrow is small, but in fact is the use of the process of the details can not be ignored.If the blind purchase, not only will affect the overall use of the product experience, but also may be due to quality problems such as poor contact with the product is not durable, or even because of the leakage of electric shock accidents.There are so many switch socket brands on the market, how to choose and buy?We can reasonably choose switch socket brand from the following two dimensions.

Brand awareness

If do not have a clue to switch socket choose and buy, the safest and safest method is to see switch socket brand popularity.Generally, the more famous brands have more guarantee in material selection (no cutting corners), production process (in line with RoHS standards), product quality, after-sales service and appearance design.General popularity is higher switch socket brand, in the work, quality will be relatively good, the price is higher.Now the consumer has gradually tend to rational consumption, the pursuit of quality, it is best to choose a little better brand, the so-called a penny a point goods.

product quality

Switch socket brand quality determines its safety, but also directly affects the safety of the product.The switch socket that quality passes a standard can see with the eye, can feel with the hand more come out.And inferior switch socket is used in process classics regular meeting appears the phenomenon that gives off spark, still bring about human body to be shocked possibly.The quality mainly includes material (shell or base material), contact two aspects.


In terms of the switch socket shell material, the current market is more common is the United States PC material, Japan PA66 material (nylon), ABS three.The three materials are compared as follows:PC and PA66, compared with other materials, have strong impact resistance, heat resistance and resistance to deformation in high temperature environment;The price of ABS is relatively cheap, the material itself has peculiar smell, and the UV resistance is weak (UV protection), the long-term light is easy to yellow, very affect the beauty of the product.So PC material, PA66 although the price is relatively expensive, but it is the most high-grade shell materials.

There are also many switch socket brands using PC and PA shell materials on the market, but the raw materials may not be pure. Many brands claim that the switch socket they produce is PC and PA material, but many manufacturers replace the base with ABS in order to save costs.The manufacturer that pays attention to quality mostly can use the contact of pure copper plating silver technology as hardware component, but also exist aluminium alloy, iron plating silver to wait for inferior manufacturer.

SAJOO full series switch socket, using Japanese PA66 and American PC as raw materials, hardware components using pure copper, contacts are preferred to the highest grade composite silver alloy, silver layer thickness of more than 0.40mm, good electrical conductivity, stable performance, to ensure the durability of products.

SAJOO series all products have UL, cUL, ENEC, TUV, KC, CE, CQC and other international certification, can withstand the impact of greater instantaneous current, is the switch socket safe choice.Above is the choice switch socket brand can refer to the two dimensions.Switch socket is modern equipment necessary, but also “industrial electrical appliances” in an indispensable link.And switch socket affects product beautiful on appearance not only, and on quality also affecting to use electricity safety, so everybody must polish bright double eye when choose and buy, many reference many compare!

Post time: Nov-28-2019